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 we are on a quest to become the greatest health, wellness and lifestyle company in history. To accomplish this, we have tapped into the key that all companies which have attained greatness and, ultimately, legendary status have had in common. There are seven identifiable characteristics – principles, if you will – that we believe will propel the Bioblue team toward a destiny of greatness. As we shape our lives and attitudes through these principles our lives actually become the catalyst that attracts others to the Bioblue culture and lifestyle of prosperity.

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NewsUSA) – Good nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy body, but bodies experiencing physical stress often require increased nutrient intake. Unfortunately, people under severe physical stress, such as people receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer, frequently struggle with eating, which makes getting adequate nutrition difficult

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A nutrition consultancy service, focusing on aspects of nutrition of public health relevance is available to members and, subject to resource, may also be available to other organisations on request.